Ahern Construction | Westlake Village Contractor Builds Two Homes For A Family In Need
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Westlake Village Contractor Builds Two Homes For A Family In Need

Aided by a faithful crew, Westlake Village contractor Tim Ahern conquered countless challenges as the general contractor on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”

Ahern and his 113 member crew volunteered for this HUGE project because they wanted to help the Anderson family.

“To find somebody that had the courage and the heart to do this is pretty Amazing. - Ty Pennington”

The family lives in South Central Los Angeles. Their son, Roger, who earned a basketball scholarship to California State University, Fullerton, was paralyzed after he was misidentified and shot four times outside of his home.

Aside the grief, the family was forced to face the reality that their home, built in 1911, was not suitable for a quadriplegic.

To make matters worse, after the state gave the Andersons money to remodel, the contractors they hired demolished their home and then disappeared with their money, leaving the family helplessly open to the elements.

ABC offered to help but many general contractors turned down the show’s offer for fear of the homes location, in a high-crime area. Tim Ahern was recommended by a friend and he accepted.

Ahern and his team tackled another first for the show: They built two homes on the property, one for the family in the front and one for Roger and his fiancé Monique, in the back. Roger’s home is fully automated and voice activated.

An elated Roger and Monique were married on the show, adding yet another unique element to Ahern’s experience.